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The Last Rice River

StoryMap: The Last Rice River

Exploring the transformation of nearly a quarter million acres on the state’s rivers for rice agriculture, this new StoryMap chronicles the development of the crop that created the wealthiest families in America and coastal prisons for thousands of enslaved laborers.


StoryMaps is a new approach to content creation using a variety of media assets - video, archival images, text, graphics and maps - for a rich experience.


Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) developed this storytelling tool as a companion to a suite of arcGIS applications used in hundreds of disciplines from epidemiology and archaeology to urban planning and journalism.  And now, storytelling.

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The Ring People
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White Cotton and a Black Prince meet as the Old South and New South change hands on Port Royal Sound.

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StoryMap: Finding Pockoy

Forty centuries ago, ancient natives left their mark on the landscape of coastal South Carolina. Today, archaeologists from SCDNR, a dozen universities and the National Park Service search for clues to our earliest-known coastal dwellers.


The StoryMap takes viewers to remote sites as scientists discover the ancient South Carolinians who built monumental rings of shell. 


The Beginning of the End

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This podcast's first episode, released on Juneteenth, sets up the story of the beginning of the end for rice on the Combahee River. 


Eminent scholars explore the politicians, planters, soldiers and slaves in the run-up, prosecution and aftermath of the American Civil War.  

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Koelker & Associates, LLC  /  Aiken South Carolina

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